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Causes of less Penis Growth

Penis grows slowly in child age but grows remarkable after puberty. Growth of penis and all other male characters like voice, muscles depends on male sexual hormone or testosterone. Testosterone released in our body after the puberty.
Penis growth is effected by following reasons-

  • Testosterone deficiency
  • Malnutrition
  • Genetic fault
  • Chronic illness like tuberculosis, diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Unnatural sexual activity in early age or before puberty
  • Injury in penis area

The anatomy of Penis

Penis is a male sex organ required during intercourse. It is non other than a channel which facilitates male sex hormone sperm into the female body. It attains the maximum size after the age of puberty. Male sex hormone also known as Testosterone is responsible for increasing penis growth and other male characters like voice & overall growth.
The penis includes the following parts:-

  • Root or radix: It is an attached penis part, consisting of penis bulb, penis in middle and crux of penis, one on either side of bulb. It lies within a superficial perineal pouch.
  • Body of penis or corpus penis: it is a cylindrical part of penis. It becomes hard during the erection.
  • Glan penis: This is front penis unit with penetrated the female vagina. It is covered with the foreskin and mucous. It is most sensitive part of penis. In the middle it has a slit which the opening. From that opening semen and urine is ejected outside body.