5 reasons to stay away from penis enhancement surgery!!!


Many men want larger penises.
To them, the size of their manhood is directly proportional to how they will please their women and get appreciated as a result.
So they feel inferior, weak, and inadequate over their ‘small’ penises – causing performance issues for themselves.
Interestingly, a recent Pulse Poll among readers showed that more women are more concerned by how their man’s penis looks like than how large, thick, long or gigantic it is.
Many women have also said they prefer a man to be skilled at using his penis that to just have a large member and be a novice.
Well, if that is not enough to convince any man, perhaps we should look at what the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) says about penis enlargement surgeries.
Here we go:

  • You may still feel unsatisfied even after surgery.
  • You could lose sexual function after surgery
  • Your penis may look different because of the surgery scars and fatty deposits
  • Your partner may not be able to accommodate your new penis
  • You may eventually become a danger by making intercourse uncomfortable for your women
  • You can injure your woman internally i.e., if the penis is long, it can hit her cervix and hurt her
  • Your new penis may mean nothing if you are unskilled

Source- pulse.ng


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