Avoid supplements in eating food


Nowadays, every pother person talks about how stocking upp on good fats like Omega -3 fatty acids is must for our body, however, few of us know what exactly omega 3 fatty acids are. They are essential fatty acids because our body needs them but cannot synthesize it by itself. Hence we need to include foods rich in them in our diet for maintenance and upkeep of our body. (Read: Omega-6 fatty acids, just as important as Omega-3!)

Are Omega-3 supplements available? Yes, they are easily available, but avoiding them is best and eating foods rich in them. The richest source of these fatty acids is salmon and flaxseeds which are the richest plant source omega-3 fatty acids. (Read: Eat a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids for a sharper brain)

source: the health


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