Bodybuilders inspire fitness at Health Fair


Traveling from Los Angeles to Carver High School, Olympic weightlifter Moji Oluwa came with his wife to compete in Saturday’s natural bodybuilding competition, a major fundraiser event at the Baptist Health Rayflex community health fair and expo.

Dozens of competitors, both professional and amateur, joined Oluwa in flexing their toned bodies before the judges. The display of natural muscle was a testament of healthy eating and dedicated exercise; the goal health professionals and nutritionists hoped to communicate to those who came to the fair.

“When those guys and girls competing come off of the stage, why are they there? Bottom line, if they stop competing, are they going to stop being healthy?” asked Ray “Flex” Adkison, organizer of the event. “When people come to watch them, or come to the expo, we’re hoping they, especially those in Alabama and Montgomery, leave with a sense of health.”

Source: montgomery advertiser


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