Botanic Choice Announces Health Supplements


While some supplements, like Opti Gold and Thyroid Complex have topped the chart for years, there are a few surprises – the increased interest in natural support for circulation, especially the feet and lower legs, as well as an interest in maintaining clear hearing regardless of age.

New Products Take Center Stage
Both Neuro Support Plus and Clear Ear Complex are brand new products for Botanic Choice and have become best sellers from the start.

Neuro Support Plus and Clear Ear Complex Hit Customers’ Sweet Spot
Tim Cleland, President of Botanic Choice, believes the Company has hit on previously unaddressed customers needs. He explains, “Up until now there have been very few natural options for either circulation or hearing, both important to an aging population. After researching the latest scientific findings and nutritional studies, we are thrilled to have developed two new products that will help our customers live healthier, happier lives.”

Supplement Trends for the Remainder of 2015
Looking ahead, Tim predicts weight loss products with clinically tested ingredients like Phase2® Carb Controller from Pharmachem Laboratories, and WellTrim® iG, a weight management nutraceutical from Icon Group LLC, will be popular due to their impressive research and growing customer need. And, since so many Americans have a 24 x 7 lifestyle, maintaining high energy levels is more important than ever. Tim says, “We’re seeing substantial growth with supplements to support the adrenal glands as well as energy enhancing formulas in general.”



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