Corporations are taking over your health food


Organic food is a scam,” a friend of mine argued while slurping down his GMO, mass-produced, cheap-junk adult beverage while slouching at the bar one evening. I got to thinking; could there be some validity to my inebriated friend’s comment? How could food made without known-to-be-toxic ingredients be bad?

General Mills Inc. has experienced a major shift in its market recently thanks to people like you and me who make informed choices about our eating behavior. Profits are slipping for this mega-giant “frankenfood” corporation. The Wall Street Journal reported that Kellogg Co. and Kraft foods are following suit with poor sales.

Before you crank up the jam-band music in celebration, pay attention to next issue. New Chapter is a company that made some of the best quality whole food supplements available. It offered some great education along with its line of supplements. Like General Mills, New Chapter is going through some changes. It has just been bought by Procter & Gamble.

If you can’t beat ‘em, buy ‘em! How else can you control market share? This is just competition 101. Do you really think that the heads of these uber-successful corporations are going to let a few health-food nuts affect profits? No way. They have bills to pay too. Should they lay off thousands of workers just so a few hippies can eat healthier hemp seed granola?

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