Derive great sexual pleasure


We all know that our physical appearance plays a major part in attracting our mate. It’s thesexual chemistry that should work for deriving sexual pleasure. It is bonding at physical,emotional and spiritual level.

For two people to desire a great sexual pleasure, the following conditions should be met.

  1. Both partners should be physically fit.
  2. Both partners should have a basic sexual literacy.
  3. Both partners should eat a balanced diet.
  4. Both partners should be able to have sexual communications between themselves.
  5. Both partners should have a positive attitude towards sex.
  6. Both should be disease free.
  7. Both should be free from any kind of negative thoughts.
  8. Both should approach the sexual activity with a give and take attitude.
  9. Any kind of childhood abuse is likely to interfere in the degree of sexual pleasure.
  10. Drug free lifestyle is a must for deriving sexual pleasure.

If one is has lifestyle issues, such as obesity, it will severely restrict sexual positions and hence lesser pleasure. Partners taking illegal drugs, tobacco, and alcohol, may face several sexual problems such as ejaculation problems, erectile difficulties or orgasmic or lubrication difficulties.

Source: health aim


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