Doctors offer hard facts on sexual health


Volunteer doctors from leading hospitals are to provide consultancy and treatment to men suffering erectile dysfunction in more than 20 major Chinese cities, the China Sexology Association said on Wednesday.
Launched by the association and China Health Daily to promote sexual health among Chinese men the programme also includes making use of new media platforms such as WeChat to propagate knowledge and awareness of “sexual happiness” and conducting surveys for data on men’s sexual health.
Chinese men in general are not satisfied with their sex lives and also lack awareness of how to keep sexually healthy, Jiang Hui, head of the andrology department of the Peking University Third Hospital, said.

“Only 17 per cent of men on the Chinese mainland suffering erectile dysfunction go to hospital for treatment, compared with 43 per cent in Japan,” he said.
According to an association report last year, only 37 per cent of Chinese are satisfied with their sex lives and 4 per cent said they had no sexual desire at all.

Source: yourhealth.asiaone


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