Farm for health


The single most important thing we do each and every day is eat. People question why locally sourced fresh organic food is expensive? The real question is why is processed food so cheap? What is the value of good health? And what do you really pay for junk food? Is it worth the taste to poison your body with chemicals?

If the goal is good health, joy and happiness, peaceful sleep, fertility, effective digestion, nutrition absorption and bodies that move well, think well, heal well and produce good skin, hair, teeth and strong bones that all contribute to a long life of wellness and energy, then the answer is yes, you can afford locally sourced organic, biodynamic, air-pollinated grass-fed and pastured nutrient dense good food.

Food with empty calories leaves you over-eating and hungry, lethargic, sick and fat. Why sacrifice good health with cheap food?

What does a doctor’s visit, a day off of work, kid home sick from school or a prescription really cost you? How much do you spend on remedies for stomach, allergies, weight loss or vitamins and supplements because your food lacks nutrition?

If you are cheap with your food, you are cheating your health. And maybe that’s the problem. We don’t seem to value our health until it’s gone. Is it possible we just don’t care? Or we simply forgot the connection to our food source — the farmer — and got tricked by the big business of food, poisoning us for profits while selling a now, now, now lifestyle.

source: register star


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