Foods for your liver


Shaped like a boomerang and coming in at a mere three pounds, your liver works hard for you everyday, possibly more than you could imagine. It’s the second largest organ in your bodyand yet, probably not one you give much thought to until something goes wrong. Your liver keeps things going, and is often referred to as the gatekeeper of your body. Like a silent housekeeper, it’s always working around the clock, cleaning up whatever goes in, and assisting with what goes out. Just like you mop up a mess on your kitchen floor, your liver does somewhat of the same thing with all the toxins from our food supply and the environment. It also performs everyday functions that you might not be aware of, and protects you from a number of nasty health conditions when you care for it properly.

Whatever you put in your body, your liver has to deal with and process, on top of other everyday functions, such as: use carbs, protein, and fats to process into energy, assist in digestion, use 30 percent of the circulating blood in your body every minute to perform chemical reactions that remove harmful toxins, distribute and store essential nutrients, make proteins, and detoxify your blood from carcinogens, or toxic invaders like alcohol, and other harmful food ingredients. And you thought your day job was hard!

Source: one green planet


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