Four healthy alternatives to ‘Dry January’


We’re now two weeks into the month after the festive binge before – which means that, for many, the wheels are already starting to come off the Dry January wagon.

In case you weren’t already aware, Dry January has become an increasing trend over recent years, with its advocates vowing a 31-day alcohol abstinence to balance out Christmas’s excesses.

Like many fitness fads, it’s an extreme line of action. Going cold turkey on the booze doesn’t just effect you physically, it also poses a social challenge. Adherents must either lock themselves away for a month, or diligently order lime sodas when down the pub. Anyone with FoMo take note.

Which suggests the question: is it worth the hassle?

As anyone who’s ever had a hangover knows, too much alcohol is poison for the body. Giving it up is a good thing – but there’s an argument to suggest that one month of abstinence really doesn’t help that much. All too frequently, it simply leads to what’s known as the ‘denial/binge’ cycle, whereby people drink more in February than they would normally because they think they have credit in the bank.

source: telegraph


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