Health fears over ‘natural’ remedies


Women who use alternative remedies to counter the symptoms of the menopause could be risking their health, say experts.
More than half turned to complementary and alternative medicine because they worried about going through hormone replacement therapy, a poll found.
But treatments such as untested Chinese medicines, acupuncture, supplements or seeing a herbalist could cause problems if they are used at the same time as conventional drugs for other ailments, say US researchers.

GPs are now being urged to warn of the potential dangers of self-prescribing complementary remedies either while taking medicines for other conditions or alongside HRT.
Women who go ahead without their doctor’s knowledge ‘may raise important safety issues’ and risk ‘possible herb-drug interactions’ with other medicines.
The use of supplements such as Vitamin D and various minerals may also interact with treatments taken by those suffering bone problems, researchers said.

Source: dailymail


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