Healthy and nutritious diet at all times


Exotic Wings & Pet Things in St. Clements, Ontario is a specialty retailer of pet food, toys and supplies. The store boasts one of the largest selections of finches and parrots in all of Canada. They sell pet food, supplements, treats and toys. Whether a cat, dog, fish, bird or tiny creature such as a hamster or guinea pig, Exotic Wings & Pet Things can help owners give their beloved pet a nutritious diet that will keep them healthy and happy for many years. Pets are such a big part of Canadian families, it is important to give them a healthy and balanced diet that will keep their weight down, their teeth and gums clean and their energy level high. Giving a pet a strong diet is one of the best things an owner can do for their animal.

Exotic Wings & Pet Things is passionate about pets and providing healthy food options to pet owners. The company carries a full line of international pet foods from leading brands. These are not the pet foods people find in mainstream grocery stores and big box outlets. These are specialty pet foods made from natural products and free of artificial elements. Exotic Wings & Pet Things can also provide food to help animals that have allergies, sensitive stomachs and weight issues. People looking for specialty food to help their pet with any number of health concerns will find it at Exotic Wings & Pet Things. The store is especially proud of the variety of bird food it has on hand.

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