Healthy woman’s stroke linked to drug in sports supplement


A woman in Sweden had a stroke while exercising, and doctors suspect it was caused by an ingredient in a workout supplement that she was taking — a compound similar to amphetamine.

The 53-year old woman, who was previously healthy and physically active, took a single dose of a sports supplement called Jacked Power (manufactured by the Swedish company MM Sports) shortly before she started her usual, vigorous workout in January 2014.

About 45 minutes into her workout, she started feeling numbness and clumsiness in her left hand, which continued for the rest of the day, and so she went to her doctor. A CT scan showed she had experienced a hemorrhagic stroke, a type of stroke in which a blood vessel bursts or leaks blood into the brain. She recovered, and was discharged from the hospital after five days.

But the woman didn’t have any risk factors for stroke — she had a normal blood pressure and weight, and no one in her family had experienced a stroke. Doctors in Sweden concluded that it was likely something in the supplement she took that led to her stroke, and they published a report about her case last year.

After hearing of the case, doctors in the United States asked to test a sample of the woman’s supplement for drugs that were not listed among the ingredients on the label, but could have caused the stroke. The only drug found in the supplement was a compound called beta-methylphenethylamine (BMPEA), which is chemically similar to amphetamine, but has never been tested in people, so its health effects are unknown, according to the report published online today (May 11) in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

Source: foxnews


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