How large and big my penis should be to satisfy my wife?

Is size of penis matter during sex?? Is it most often asked questions by men. Some people do not have any idea about whether they need penis enlargement medicine and penis enhancement supplement for them or not. Because of lack of sex education and use of porn website maximum number of men suffer with inferiority complex that there penis is short. They even didn’t know what the actual size of penis should be.? How much long penis should be to give long lasting orgasm and to give sexual satisfaction to partner? If you are also facing such problem than you are at the right place. Here we tell you not only about penis as well as the perfect penis size to satisfy you and your wife.

Penis is identity of men, most important in bed. As we said earlier because of lack of sex education men start to develop an inferiority complex for penis size. Lack of proper guidance lead him to see porn make him believe that his penis size is small. Here we do not promote what is in porn site tells about penis size but here we want to say that porn site are completely false about penis size. Size shown in that is completely hypothetical. And these site only causes loss of your sexual confidence in bed and leads you to depression.

I am not sexually aware, so how I came to know what is the minimum size of penis is required to achieve sexual pleasure and satisfaction?

It is again a common questions which a men thinks over. Well according to studies if you have penis nearly 4 inches after erection, then you are completely fit for sex and able to satisfy partner completely. As per anatomy female vagina only have 3-4 centimeters outer sensitive part which react to sexual stimulus while rest of vagina is not sexually active. This is all we called theory of sex but when we come to practical life or when we talk about sex in bed theory is not considered at all. All we consider is sexual pleasure, sexual satisfaction, intense orgasms and long lasting climax. Confused??Right … We tell you why….We are not telling the sex theories wrong but here we talk about sex in daily life. Sex is very personal feeling. Everybody both men and women have different taste. Need of sex changes with age and time. Sex not only physical need but it also includes emotions. It is not only fusion of two bodies but two souls. So whether he or she everybody want to enjoy sex and please partner. It’s all matter of taste and preferences. E.g. some women like sex in gentle way whether some like extra-ordinary. So we can conclude that sometimes 3-4 inch can satisfy a women sometimes not. Although more interesting fact is that number of women who want fantasy in sexual life increases day to day. And to satisfy women who have sex fantasies and meet her high sexual demand a man has to some work on him. So it’s an advice to be on safe side, and make your women happy and satisfy in bed you can look for penis enlargement supplements. You never know when your wife kick off from bed and start sleeping alone.