How to achieve weight loss goals


In general, when Americans are asked to improve their diets, they become anxious and fearful, thinking that they are going to have to completely alter their eating routine. This is because the majority of diets today are both extreme and complex: give up carbohydrates, do not eat any processed foods, do a juice fast every three to four weeks, etc.

However, a new study suggests that changing one single aspect of your diet- increasing fiber intake- can dramatically improve your health and decrease your risk of developing diabetes and other diet-related diseases.

The clinical trial, funded by the U.S. National Institute of Health, involved 240 adult participants who were at risk for Type II diabetes. Researchers divided the participants into two different groups and altered their eating habits for one year.

The first group was instructed to increase their fiber intake to 30 grams per day, and the intake had to come from fiber-rich foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, not fiber supplements.

The other half of the participants were instructed to follow the stringent healthy eating guidelines provided by the American Heart Association (AHA). These include eating more fruits and vegetables; reducing salt and sodium intake; eating fish twice a week; consuming protein from vegetables and lean meats; and limiting alcohol intake.

source: modvive



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