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When you interact with truly great, healthy trainers, they seem to always exude energy. We assume they somehow live in a different world that doesn’t have the same time constraints or they have some superhuman willpower, but that is simply our self-justification. Some of them have full time jobs on top of training, while others are working long days as trainers, but all have time constraints like the rest of us.

The truth is that this special breed of trainer has continually experimented with all aspects of their diet, exercise and lifestyle to figure out what works best. Essentially, they are the scientists of healthy lifestyles.

I surveyed seven of the healthiest personal trainers I know to reveal what they have discovered in their studies.

My coworkers at Unite: Juliet Burgh, Christina Carran, Mark Donohoe, Mackie Root, Sandy Sweeney and Rich Zaremba. Also Shoshana Katz, manager at Body Cycle Studio.
Here are the common threads between them with all kinds of helpful tactics that can inspire us all to upgrade our lifestyles.

Mindful of sleep quality with preparation

This might not be the first thing you think of but it is of major importance to all of the top trainers because they are shooting for peak health and performance. Sleep helps fuel performance not just in their workouts, but also in their careers and lives. How much varies but all surveyed shoot for 7-8 hour per night and take special steps to ensure that it is top quality sleep.

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