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What is our immune system? How does it function? And what is our news media saying about it right now?
Our bodies are designed to survive and our immune system is our #1 Survival Mechanism. It functions like every branch of the military plus the firemen, policemen, and ambulance crews. The Air Force is in the lungs protecting us from airborne problems. The Navy is in the lymphatic fluid that surrounds every cell continuously cleaning the internal ocean of debris that every cell dumps into it. The Army is all through the digestive system protecting us from food and drink invaders. The Firemen and Hot Shots are controlling the little fires (inflammation) the cells set to burn the trash in their garbage cans and dumpsters so the lymphatic ocean doesn’t get over-polluted with debris.
When our immune system is strong, our lives are much easier because we have energy to spend on our creativity, instead of aches and pains. We can focus, think, and concentrate on beauty, love, joy, and pleasure instead of worries, frustrations, irritations, and problems. A strong, well trained and highly skilled immune system is capable of protecting us from the Biggest-Ugliest Trojans out there. The immune system has an alarm system that signals the Grand Central Dispatcher, the central nervous system, that deploys the troops toward the cause of the alarm. The immune system’s dispatcher responds to the “stress alarm”, period. It does not ask who turned the alarm on. It does not ask if it was something physical, emotional, mental, a memory, or something on TV or other electronic device. It just responds! In other words, a moment of anger can pull the immune system away from another job that it’s doing. If the immune system is getting weaker as the stressful days go by, will the immune system’s resources be spent on a few little cancer cells growing slowly down in a prostate, ovary, or breast that won’t cause the body to die for another 20 years? Or will it spend its resources on some poisonous food (undigested because it didn’t get chewed, broken down with enzymes, or exposed to strong enough digestive juice) that is pouring out of a gut that’s been compromised with antibiotic use, sugar, and carbonation? This gut is leaking its contents into the inner sanctum of the body. This poisonous food is threatening to throw the person into a serious infection within hours? If you were the dispatcher, in which direction would you dispatch your forces?
The immune system is built, held strong, and equipped out of a healthy digestive system. Today’s Gut Garden Workshop that’s being held at Family HELM Health Center is all about this and more. A healthy immune system is where ultimate health begins and a healthy digestive system is the foundation of it all.

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