Jose Mourinho and the Chelsea Conundrum


A month has passed since the end of the Premier League season, a season which may go down as the best of all time. The cynic within will sneer and say we hear that at the end of every season, which is true, but this year’s Premier League season was without doubt one of the greats.

So many issues arose that by the time you finish watching a season re-cap video, you’ll wonder how you forgot so much had happened. While the momentary decline of Manchester United, the relegation dogfight and ten managerial changes provided many talking points, it was, as always, the title race that garnered most attention.

The contenders changed this year, and this change may remain established for some time. Liverpool re-emerged as potential winners only to fall close to the line, to almost universal cheers but for one red corner of Merseyside. Arsenal capitulated while Everton challenged. Spurs, despite it being “their year”, once again stayed rooted outside the top four. Chelsea plodded along apparently happy to remain pretenders to the throne, while Manchester City re-established a sense of dominance that will make them exceptionally confident defending champions.

Even with the overwhelming opinion of this being one of the best seasons of all time, there is a sense that next year could be even better. Potential World Cup tiredness aside, the 2014/15 English title race looks to be even better then its older brother for a number of reasons.

The arrival of Louis van Gaal at United, investment in new talent from top clubs, another new manager at White Hart Lane and an Arsenal team knowing what holding silverware is like all make for a lethal concoction of headlines, goals, name calling and bragging rights. But Chelsea fans may be one group who are looking forward to next season a little bit more than most.

Jose Mourinho remained adamant that Chelsea were last season’s underdogs, despite their strong league position. At the time many may have doubted him, but Mourinho was proved right as games in hand proved vital in City’s victory. Since his return to Stamford Bridge, Mourinho has constantly expressed his desire to build a new team, the foundations of which were laid down this year.

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