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As the supplement industry continues to grow in tandem with a health-conscious public, prenatal vitamins hold their ground as some of the most supported supplements available.
There are many health considerations during pregnancy, but taking vitamins, along with proper prenatal care, are among the most crucial steps expectant mothers can take to ensure a healthy baby.

“It’s important for pregnant women to see their obstetrician by six to eight weeks, so their prenatal care can be optimized early on in their pregnancy,” said Dr. David Kartzinel, M.D., of Sunrise Children’s Hospital.

“It’s necessary to discuss any pre-existing medical conditions the mother might have or any medications she might be taking that could be potentially harmful.”

It’s also important to go over nutrition, what foods to avoid during pregnancy and to make sure the mother is well hydrated.

“An ultrasound at 18 weeks is vital, too, because it allows us to check for any deformities or abnormalities in the heart, lungs, or brain,” Kartzinel said. “For women over 35, prenatal care will also include necessary genetic counseling.”

While the spectrum of prenatal care is vast, prenatal vitamins continue to be an integral part of the equation.

• The essential ingredients to a prenatal vitamin
Several studies have attributed the use of prenatal vitamins to a healthy birth weight. Many key ingredients found in supplements are essential to a baby’s health. The vitamins and minerals that compose prenatal vitamins are specifically tailored to the needs of a developing fetus.

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