Men of Italy are losing their libido


The legendary Italian stallion appears to be losing his libido. More and more men in the birthplace of Valentino prefer a book at bedtime rather than a passionate end to the day, according to a new study.

Visits to sexologists in Italy are up 15 per cent in the past four years says the Institute of Clinical Sexuality in Rome. And the number of men seeking help for loss of libido has soared 40 per cent in the same period, the figures show. La Repubblica described events as “the end of one of the last taboos” as men lead the way in getting expert help in dealing with sexual problems.

Dr Roberta Rossi of the Sexuality Institute said: “Ten years ago our clients were predominantly women. Then men started to come – those who began to realise that Viagra could resolve certain problems but not a loss of desire. Drugs like Viagara have an effect on erections but not on libido.”

She added that researchers were still trying to explain falling male libido in both biological and psychological terms. She said, however, that loss of desire in men was usually accompanied by social problems, sometimes due to their inability to adjust to “changing roles in their relations with women”. She said: “Until 10 or 15 years ago it was the men who wanted sex. That’s not the case any more.”



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