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In 2004, the company was able to acquire the HGH, which had previously been owned by a management consulting company. The shorter URL made it easier and faster for customers to access the online store, and it enabled those curious about HGH to find a wealth of information in one central place on the Web.

Another major milestone occurred in 2010, when Purity Select acquired HGH. This further expanded’s range of products and production capabilities. Purity Select works only with top U.S.-based nutraceutical manufacturers that maintain Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facilities. GMP certification affirms the manufacturer has met or exceeded standards established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and ensures that all HGH supplements and vitamins are manufactured safely and deliver superior quality.

Today, offers an extensive line of natural HGH supplements—including anti-aging products, bodybuilding supplements, weight-loss supplements, sexual health enhancers, and height and growth supplements—and is now the sole online source for Purity Select products. The supplement formulations are routinely evaluated and enhanced to incorporate new ingredients and the latest research advances.

In addition, the company’s bodybuilding and muscle-growth products are created and updated with input from HGH-sponsored International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) pros. These award-winning IFBB athletes include Richard “Tricky” Jackson, Ben White and Tara Silzer, who all use and endorse supplements.

“ has grown and evolved significantly over the past 12 years; but one thing that hasn’t changed is our long-standing history of excellence,” asserted Dan Smith of HGH. “We have earned a reputation for the highest-quality, most effective HGH supplements on the market, and our customers include everyone from amateur and professional bodybuilders to fitness enthusiasts and health buffs. And while we’re committed to delivering the industry’s best products, we’re equally focused on providing an exceptional customer experience.”

Smith notes that HGH is much more than an online vitamin and supplement store; he has continually added information, tools and resources through the years to create an extensive knowledge base for anyone looking to learn more about human growth hormones or obtain advice on nutrition and fitness. Consumers and the public at large can visit the blog for detailed information on natural HGH supplement ingredients and uses, and for fitness and bodybuilding tips from IFBB pros and other experts.

“I’d like to thank our loyal customers for their ongoing support of HGH; our 12 years in business are a testament to their belief in us and the effectiveness of our products,” said Smith. “We pledge to continue offering the industry’s best natural HGH supplements, and we intend to upgrade our formulations and expand our product lines based on nutraceutical research as well as input from our IFBB pros and customers. I encourage consumers and the public to reach out to us with their questions, feedback and suggestions—we welcome it all!”

HGH is an established provider of natural human growth hormone (HGH), bodybuilding and overall health supplements that are designed to benefit consumers naturally through dietary supplementation and provide an alternative to prescription medicine. In 2010, Purity Select acquired and continues to offer an exclusive line of supplements for bodybuilding, muscle growth, low testosterone, increased strength, endurance, weight loss, anti-aging, and other health and fitness goals. All Purity Select products are manufactured in the United States through Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facilities to ensure optimal quality. The company’s ongoing commitment to quality, innovation and customer service has positioned Purity Select and as leading brands within the bodybuilding supplement industry.

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