Natural Remedies to Help Hot Flashes


Hot flashes are something no woman out there likes to deal with and these unpleasant bodily experiences can actually occur during many stages of life for women of different ages. Hormonal changes can cause a rapid rise in body temperature triggering hot flashes, which increases your heart rate which can also make you stressed and anxious, not to mention miserable!

Getting your hormones in line is one way to manage your hot flashes, but that’s much easier said than actually done. What you eat can have a large influence on your hormones and how often hot flashes occur, if at all. Some  food, herbs, and lifestyle choices may actually be able to provide relief or significantly reduce the times hot flashes occur.

Here are some natural remedies to help reduce the likelihood of hot flashes that are much better for you than chemical-based hormones that may likely damage your health later on.

source: one green planet


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