Natural remedies vanishing from Canadian shelves


“I was a very chemistry-oriented pharmacist,” he says. Then, “over 20 years ago, I reached out to homeopathy for family use. My wife came down with dengue fever and she was getting no relief from any pharmaceuticals. I picked out a couple of homeopathic products from my shelf, and within two days of giving her the remedy, relief appeared.”

Although at the time he was amazed, now, he says, “I try to get people away from pharmaceuticals to live a healthy life.”

It seems Canadians are finding their way to natural health products, with 73 percent regularly using vitamins and minerals, herbal products, or homeopathic medicines, according to a 2010 survey done by Ipsos Reid for Health Canada.

Lahti warns that some of these regularly used products are disappearing from shelves in Canada.

He isn’t the only one to notice the trend. Ayla Wilson is a naturopathic physician in North Vancouver, the only one in Canada specializing in the treatment of kids with PANDAS (a hypothesized autoimmune condition otherwise known as pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections). She sees patients from across Canada for this and immune-related diseases. Wilson says that many patients who gained results from herbal remedies have seen those remedies pulled from the shelves. “It has happened slowly over the years.”

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