News digest – new immunotherapy results


This week saw the big names in cancer research gathering in the US for the annual American Association for Cancer Research conference – and some promising results hit the headlines, especially for immunotherapies:

Two immunotherapy drugs could be better than one – at least for a subset of patients with advanced melanoma. We covered this, as did TIME magazine.
And the Mail Online featured the staggering response of one particular patient who was on the trial.
Another immunotherapy drug showed promising early results, again in melanoma patients. And it might also be useful in treating a certain type of lung cancer. Forbes and The Wall Street Journal have more on this one.
We covered early results showing that certain men with advanced prostate cancer may benefit from olaparib – a drug originally developed to treat breast and ovarian cancers (with help from our scientists). The Telegraph and the Mail Online also covered the story.
Away from the conference, more data emerged suggesting that it may be possible to design ‘personalised vaccines’ to help treat certain types of cancer. The Independent and Mail Online covered this, but it’s still in the very early stages of development.
And in more vaccine news, the Mail Online covered a very early stage study looking to test whether a jab could prime the body’s immune to spot prostate cancer if it comes back.
UK scientists found that daily use of newer ‘tank’-style e-cigarettes could have a greater impact on how likely a person is to quit tobacco, compared to ‘cigalike’ models. We covered this, as did the Guardian, but studies designed to directly test the effectiveness of these devices in helping people quit will be needed before any firm conclusions can be drawn.

Source: cancerresearchuk


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