Nutritionists come up with new formula


Food provides an essential nutrient matrix for our skin, hair and nail health. Would supplementing with more nutrients improve your complexion and skin quality? There certainly are many promises of youthful glowing skin and hair diet supplements peddled on websites and in the popular press. But are they exaggerated and unproven?

Avoiding excessive sun exposure, smoking and too much alcohol, together with eating a well-balanced diet, taking regular exercise and getting adequate rest are all important for skincare in the long run. Rapid and frequent weight fluctuations don’t help.

If you are predisposed to acne you can’t really prevent it. Acne is not caused by sugary and fatty foods, although a well-balanced intake of nutrients may help the skin to heal and repair itself. Although largely driven by hormone fluctuations, acne can be somewhat controlled by cleansing with the right skincare products, avoiding cosmetics that clog pores and not picking at pimples.

source: Times


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