Penis Obsessions with the Normal Size


Scientists or researchers can be obsessed with many things, and this time, they’re turning Internet users’ cheeks red with their new study: the normal size of a penis.

A group of researchers from London decided to answer the proverbial question among men and women by conducting a comprehensive study. They perused and researched on hundreds of already published researchers related to the subject.

They set up parameters in choosing these studies. First, all the male participants should be considerably healthy–that is, they should not suffer from any disorder or be taking medications that can affect the penis size and girth (e.g., erectile dysfunction). The participants should not have gone through any type of enhancement.

Moreover, the study must have a good number of participants. They needed those that had been conducted on at least 50 men with ages at least 17 years.

Lastly, it’s extremely important that these penile measurements were taken with great precision and care and only by certified health professionals.

source: youthhealthmag


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