Penis Recalled After Public


Parents in New Zealand were served quite a treat when a visit to the candy store turned out to be a traumatic experience. Gummy bears, a treat popular with kids across the world, got to the wrong side of parents when gummies shaped in the form of penises were found inside the packs. The inappropriately shaped gummies caused furor and uproar from the larger conservative South Island public, branding the lollies as offensive.

Dutch Rusk, a New Zealand Company, made a huge recall of their Dragon Sweets gummy bears after these penis shaped gummies were found in the packs. Dutch Rusk managing director William Van de Geest stated that the company imported 72000 bags of mixed gummy lollies which were branded Dragon Sweets, from a Chinese manufacturer six weeks ago.

The gummies were then distributed to shops across south Island. Two weeks later, complaints began reeling in. The parents were furious.

source: food world news


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