Plans South Florida Expansion


At some point in recent history, it’s probably happened to you. You experienced a Whole Paycheck moment, and it was at once shameful and glorious — that moment when you emerge from Whole Foods Market crying not because the organic produce is so beautiful, not because that vegan vanilla cake is so damned good (and they won’t give you the recipe), and not because you love how healthy and green you feel when you’re done shopping.

You’re crying because you just dropped your life savings (and possibly your gas money to get home) on just a few days’ worth of GMO-free, organic, cruelty-free, and sustainably sourced food stuffs. It’s a turning point from which you, and your checking account, will never return.

And for good reason: Recently, city attorneys for Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and San Diego recently reached an $800,000 settlement with Whole Foods Markets after a one-year, statewide investigation uncovered widespread pricing violations, including charging customers more than the advertised price for a large number of food items at more than 70 California stores.

It’s no wonder people feel they can’t afford (and shouldn’t be wasting hard-earned money) on a healthy lifestyle, organic food, or all-natural products. But hey, South Florida, listen up. There may be an alternative to Whole Foods — and it’s not another big-name chain grocer.

A new, locally owned natural health food and vitamin market is looking to take over Broward and Palm Beach counties, one with a mission statement proclaiming its goal to make healthy living affordable and educational — for everyone. That grocer is Tunie’s, and the brand will be opening the first of several supersized stores in Fort Lauderdale later this month.

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