Plant-Based Sources of Nutrients Needed for Fertility in Men and Women


Fertility is one of the largest concerns among men and women today who need specific amounts of certain hormone-boosting foods, along with living a lifestyle and managing one’s health that supports hormones and reproductive options. One large concern of many people who approach a plant-based diet are if the lifestyle can support optimal reproduction options and fertility. While those who eat animal foods can certainly eat a fertility-friendly diet, so can plant-based eaters without worry. It’s also true that men and women have different hormonal needs during conception, but a balance of whole foods that balance and support hormones will increase the chances for successful fertility in both men and women.

If you’re a plant-based eater and trying to conceive, here are some plant-based foods that should be focused on for both men and women. Overall, the body needs adequate calories, rest, and a balanced, nutritious whole foods diet in place of processed foods, alcohol, and smoking should of course be eliminated.

Source: one green planet



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