Proper nutrition for animals


Victoria Feeds – The Horse & Houndsupplies a complete and diversified line of livestock, poultry feeds, and supplies in Lindsay, serving the Kawartha region. The professionals at Victoria Feeds – The Horse & Hound care about providing animals with the proper nutrition for optimum growth and healthy development.

This renowned feed and retail business caters to the needs of various animals.

Carrying a wide range of farm supplies, they also offer customized feeding plans for your equine based on various height and weight measurements and growth graphing. If you are a passionate farmer, you likely know that beef cows during their last month of gestation build a pound a calf a day. Thus, ensuring that they are born at the proper weight is crucial by nourishing them with the right amounts of high quality and natural nutrition.

Animals require the best vitamins in order to grow and function at their peak when they become larger. Victoria Feeds – The Horse & Hound offers the effective and natural product, Herbs for Horses – Flax Oil. This is a dietary provision of flax oil to yearling horses for 70 days. This product has been recognized for increasing plasma and red blood cells while supplying omega-3 rich fatty acid content and amplifying the early inflammatory response to dermal challenge. Horses also need ample amounts of vitamins for good health just as humans, such asbiotin and selenium.

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