Recipe for a healthier lifestyle


MANILA, Philippines – Having dealt with food most of his life, chef-turned-host Jeremy Favia never imagined seeing himself hosting his own show on TV.

Growing up, the 29-year-old chef Jeremy always knew that he was born for the kitchen — not necessarily as a chef, but someone whose work involves food, be it a restaurant manager or an owner.

Today, Jeremy finds himself in front of the camera doing some hosting jobs for different cooking shows as TV5’s resident chef. Armed with his killer smile and natural charm, chef Jeremy has gained popularity not only because of his culinary skills, but also because of his looks and the positive aura that he exudes.

While hosting a cooking show is something he truly enjoys, chef Jeremy says he’s now more focused on his job at The Center for Wellness and Aesthetics of The Medical City in Ortigas, Pasig. It’s an immensely fulfilling job that allows him to help empower people who are suffering from various ailments to improve their health.

As the Wellness Center’s in-house chef, Jeremy prepares special meals that are planned around an individual’s health problem, like hypertension or diabetes. The goal is for a client to cut down on his maintenance medicines as he benefits from the nutritional contents of the food chef Jeremy cooks. Absolutely hands-on with his job, the chef even delivers the food right to their clients’ doorstep.

source: philstar


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