Resident Advisors’ fan recap


A replacement Doug, a never-ending erection, a crazy motivational speaker, and Elizabeth Banks. What more could you ask for in this episode of Resident Advisors?
Absolutely nothing. This episode was jam-packed with so many hilarious incidents that made me laugh for the whole 23-minute-long episode.

When RA Doug (Ryan Hansen) has jury duty, he sends in a “replacement” he found on TaskRabbit. “Replacement Doug” is a big black man who looks nothing like Doug but sticks to his role as Doug’s replacement and only answers to the name Doug (we don’t even know his real name). Using a pamphlet of “Eight Easy Steps to be Doug Weiner,” “Replacement Doug” gets to work by helping resident Leslie (Daryl Sabara) get rid of his erection, which leads to the next incident.

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