Solutions For Her Negative Sexual Body Language


Don’t look at you

It’s possible that she’s shy and isn’t very experienced in bed. If she won’t let your mouth get anywhere near hers, you might have bad breath, she might have bad breath, your facial hair might be scraping her face or, if you went down on her, she might find it “distasteful” to kiss afterwards.

Solution: The next time you’re having sex, pull out and make your way to her face; in a soap opera-romance way, gently hold her head in your hands and kiss her like Casanova. If you feel like she wants to pull away, let her and ask her what the deal is. The only way to figure out why she’s reacting that way is by asking.

Her expressions

It’s possible that she doesn’t like sex much. As well, she might want to be engaging in some other sex act and is afraid to tell you about it. Maybe she feels like a caged animal and wants to be on top or maybe you’re not giving her enough room to maneuver.

Solution: Put her on top and tell her you want to watch her move. Or, when you’re not having sex, ask her about her sexual fantasies; maybe that’ll help you get to the bottom of her body language behavior.

She hides her body

Well, there’s no doubt that she’s insecure about her body, and she thinks you might get turned off if you see all her flaws.

Solution: Show her that even though you have flaws, you know that she loves you anyway — but don’t point your flaws. Perhaps the most important thing is to tell her that you think she’s beautiful and that you appreciate her body. It could take time a repetition on your part to break down those walls that she has constructed, but it’ll be worth it once you do.

She doesn’t move

She may not like sex. Or she may not like having it with you. Or worse, she might think that all she’s actually required to do is be present. As hard as it may be to believe, there are women who think that lying there amounts to participation. Sad perspective, isn’t it?

Solution: You have to say something. Ask her if she feels desired by your actions; if she says she does, then tell her you would like to feel that way too. If you’re too shy to communicate verbally about this ordeal, and then tell her that you’d like to role-play and switch positions. Let her be you and you be her. Her body language will almost certainly change. Problem solved — orgasms for everyone.

She acts like a guy

I don’t see the problem… Just kidding. Everyone has differing desires when it comes to the realm of sex, so rather than judge her, find out what’s behind the behavior. She may prefer straight-up sex with no frills or she may simply place more importance on her own orgasm than on yours.

Solution: If you want foreplay, then seduce her. If you want to ensure that you orgasm as well, ask her if she’s satisfied; if she says yes, then tell her you want to feel just as good as she does.

She never reciprocates

First, it’s possible she thinks that it’s your responsibility to turn her on, and not the other way around. Second, some women think that guys get turned on just by seeing a girl, so therefore she doesn’t really have to come on to you. Strangely enough, some women even think that being “aggressive” is unladylike and could turn a guy off.

Solution: Tell her that you love receiving oral sex and you fantasize about how great she would be at it. Tell her that it’s important for you to feel desired and that she can show you by coming onto you every now and again. That ought to do it — empathy is a great thing.

Make it work

Sex as you must know at this point is pretty much as imperative as trust, affection and all that other great stuff. On the off chance that you and your young lady aren’t on the same sexual wavelength, chances are things aren’t going to abruptly change.

Set out to talk about it. Get some information about sex that it is so critical to her, and how regularly she’d like to participate in it. On the off chance that her reactions are off track from what you’d expect, then you may need to rethink picking to invest the greater part of your time with her.


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