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Neetu Kapoor told the world on Twitter how she manages to keep diabetes at bay by starting her day with a morning drink of Tulsi leaves and cinnamon powder. Focused on healthy living and eating, this Kapoor mum proves that choosing small portions of nutritious food is the way forward. Crash diets are not ideal for weight loss or good health.

Here’s a look at the foods that Bollywood stars swear by, and love to dig in despite the rigorous pressure to look picture perfect always! However, replicating celebrity food choices and diets is not the way forward for anyone; consultation with a dietitian is absolutely essential.

Shah Rukh Khan: His physique at 49 would put many a young man to shame. SRK’s lean, muscular body has stayed that way for years now, thanks to a high protein, poultry based diet (in fact, it is also called the Shah Rukh Khan diet by a website). He eats grilled lean meats, chicken and fish. His carb intake is limited to two slices of brown bread in the morning and supplements it with portions of vegetables. He also has coffee and non-fat milk. Legumes and beans offer extra protein. That he is sporty and active also helps, ensuring that he gains less weight.

Salman Khan: This is one Khan who eats pretty much everything! From his mother’s home cooked biryani, to chats and snacks from popular local eateries, Salman does NOT diet. He also eats absolute no nos like fried fish and eggs with the yoke on a regular basis. Salman prefers home cooked meals and opts for salads and soups regularly too. He eats a heavy breakfast. But with his comprehensive work out- combination of gym, swimming, cycling – he burns nearly 2500-3000 calories a day.

Akshay Kumar: He is the chief naturopath of Bollywood and perhaps the most disciplined actor of his generation. Akshay Kumar believes in eating healthy, home cooked food that offers raw and natural options. He avoids all processed food religiously. Eating brown rice, nuts and fruits, whole milk over protein shakes, supplements and pills, the Khiladi has a naturally lean and tough physique that endures pain and exhaustion from action sequences nonchalantly. Akshay loves to eat sweets, but post 7PM he doesn’t eat anything at all. His favourite foods are South East Asian cuisine: Thai green curry, Miso Soup, Sashimi and Sushi. And yes, this superfit foodie is also a fabulous, experienced cook, having done some cooking professionally in Bangkok years ago.

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