Temporary breast enhancements offered for indecisive patients


SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. —  Every woman wants to feel glamorous, and some will do whatever it takes to get results.

From dropping a dress size to erasing wrinkles or even boosting your breast size for the night, doctors are now offering more temporary beauty fixes to make you feel like a celebrity.

A new procedure is sweeping the Mid-South.

“They are awesome!” Hannah McIntosh said. “I am so excited about them!”

Many women don’t know what breast size they want. Now a new procedure lets you try a size for 24 hours.

McIntosh decided to give it a shot. The temporary results look like the real deal.

“This is the one area of confusion for patients: should I do this, and if I do it, what size? This procedure allows them to answer those two questions,” Germantown Doctor Gregory Laurence said.

He calls it “Cinderella-sizing,” a breast enhancement that lasts up to a day.

Dr. Laurence makes a tiny incision and injects saline solution into the tissue.

The procedure is quick too. It takes less than 30 minutes. You could even get it done on your lunch break.

“It slowly absorbs into the body just like it would if you had IV fluids,” Dr. Laurence said.

He recommends “Cinderella-sizing” for women who are unsure about a breast augmentation or the size they want.

“They can go onto the evening and live a normal life,” Dr. Laurence said.

The temporary procedure is gaining popularity across the country.

Some women and celebrities are adding it to their beauty routine along with injections to erase wrinkles, wrapping their bodies to shed inches off their waste, and getting skin peels and laser treatments.

They’re doing whatever it takes to get that red carpet look, even if it just lasts for a day.

“So many people want that instant result,” Dr. Laurence said.

That’s why he calls it “Cinderella-sizing,” because you can try out a new you for 24 hours, and by midnight, go back to your normal self.

Temporary breast augmentation is $2,000, and half of it will be applied to the permanent procedure.

Dr. Laurence said risks include bruising, bleeding, or infection.

Source : News Channel 3


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