Testosterone industry may be booming globally


It may come as something of a surprise to discover that, by a considerable margin, Germany is the penis enlargement capital of the world. One in five of all of those delicate operations takes place in that land of bratwurst, long socks and Angela Merkel. I will leave it to you to reason why.
You can also make what you will of the fact that Australia did not even come in the top ten. It certainly doesn’t mean, for example, that our men are not vain.
The steroid black market here is flourishing, and we are among the greatest consumers of testosterone in the world.
Yes, testosterone. Across the nation, men are jabbing themselves with needles, wiping on gels, sticking on patches, or having implants inserted under their skin, in order to look better, feel younger and beat what is now being called the “manopause.”

Source: smh


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