The fertiliser for BEARDS


Never mind balding treatments – now there’s a ‘fertiliser’ which promises to boost beard growth.
The supplement, called Beardilizer, is aimed at follically-challenged men desperate to grow facial hair but struggling to achieve anything more than stubble.
The product claims to promote the growth of facial hair by stimulating follicles, resulting in a thicker, more luscious beard to match those sported by George Clooney, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Ben Affleck and Superman actor Henry Cavill.
It was launched after it became fashionable to have a beard – and it has been such a hit that around 1,000 bottles are apparently flying off the shelves every day.
Beardilizer is made from a blend of vitamins and minerals that its makers claim nourish facial hair follicles.
Users are recommended a dosage of three capsules a day for between one month and six months.
A one-month course of the supplement, which is made entirely from natural products, costs £28.90 and can be bought in the UK online.
The product was the idea of Laurent Cohen, whose Florida-based company has been making health and beauty products for 12 years.
Mr Cohen, 42, said: ‘We have been in the health and beauty business since 2002 and we are always looking for new, innovative products.

Source: dailymail


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