Vaginal Dryness | Some Reasons Your Vagina Is Going Dry


There are many possible causes of so-called dry vagina, including hormonal changes, irritants to delicate tissues, and even anxiety. Here’s what you can do to keep a lack of vaginal lubrication from causing painful sex.

Causes of vaginal dryness range from physiological factors, such as hormonal changes or medication side effects, to emotional and psychological issues, such as lack of desire or even anxiety. Fortunately there are nearly as many options for dry vagina relief as there are causes.

The first step in treating vaginal dryness is figuring out the source of the discomfort, especially if a dry vagina is causing painful sex. There are a number of conditions that can lead to a lack of vaginal lubrication.


Loss of lubrication and pain during sex – after the menopause, problems with lubrication and painful sex increase. Thinning of the skin around vagina makes it more easily damaged. This damage can often occur during sex, especially if lubrication is poor – even gentle friction can cause pain and discomfort. Painful intercourse can then have a knock on effect contributing to a loss of sexual desire. The relief of symptoms often leads to an increased sexual desire and arousal.

Pain during other times – in many cases vaginal dryness does not only cause pain during sex it can make it uncomfortable to sit, stand, exercise, urinate or even work. Vaginal dryness can affect everyday life, whether women are sexually active or not. This can have a detrimental effect on quality of life. Many women also notice that their smears become more painful or difficult.

Change in the appearance of the vagina and vulva – it is common for the vagina to look different; the lips will be much thinner.

Changes to the vaginal discharge –many women also find that their vaginal discharge changes, becoming more watery, discoloured and slightly smelly and they may experience irritation and a burning feeling. These symptoms can be worrying but they are simply due to the hormonal changes and not an indication of something more serious.

Emotional impact – vaginal dryness can make women feel different. Changes to the body can be difficult to accept and pain and discomfort caused by the condition can lead to a loss in self-confidence and sexual confidence.

Your Body Craves More Foreplay

The typical rom-com sex scene goes from locking lips to full-on intercourse in about 30 seconds. In the real world, we call b.s.—most women need at least a little more direct stimulation before they’re wet enough for penetration.

You’re Stressed Out

Stress takes the blame for a lot of health issues, and you can add vaginal dryness to the list. If it doesn’t temporarily kill your libido outright, feeling anxious or pressured can make it harder to get turned on. Once the stress lifts, your juices should start flowing.

You’re on Cold Meds

Over-the-counter cold and allergy formulas contain antihistamines that dry out the mucus membranes in your nose, as well as your vagina. Not all women experience it, but it can happen, and things will moisten up again once you stop dosing up.

Your Birth Control Pill Is Messing With You

One little-known side effect of oral contraceptives is reduced vaginal lubrication. And unlike some other side effects that happen when you first go on the Pill, this one probably won’t clear up in a few months. Use store-bought lubricant, or if it’s really uncomfortable, consider going off the Pill and trying another type of birth control.

You Just Had a Baby

Giving birth (and breastfeeding, too) does a number on your body and changes your sex life in unexpected ways, including lowering levels of estrogen—the hormone responsible for maintaining vaginal lubrication. A few months post-birth, when your regular cycle returns and you stop lactating, the slippery stuff will be back.

For these women, more estrogen is not an option because it may encourage the cancer, but some doctors consider local estrogen – in the form of vaginal creams, rings or tablets are relatively safe.

Or you can consider using totally natural water based intimate gel like Ignite Intimate Gel which not only lubricates but also enhances sexual arousal.


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