Vaginal Shrinking Creams


Vaginal shrinking creams have been making headlines lately with their disturbing product names and overall sheer creepiness. These creams claim to make a woman’s nether-regions feel tighter after internal application, thanks to the swelling effects of potassium alum — an ingredient commonly found in deodorant.

So, this is a super creepy thing that exists: Female enhancement products. A recent Daily Mail article detailed the rise of “vaginal shrinking creams” — that’s right, we’re talking about a creamy substance applied directly to a woman’s lady-parts that will supposedly make her feel virgin-tight again.

To make matters even worse, these creams don’t seem to be FDA approved (surprise, surprise).

These tightening serums are meant to be applied internally just before a woman engages in sexual activity. Post-application, the walls of the vagina swell and become engorged, making the woman’s genitals feel tighter during intercourse. What component is responsible for this magic? Glad you asked: The product’s potassium alum compound, an ingredient you might find in a stick of deodorant, causes the shrinking sensation, allowing women of all ages to feel “18 Again” (that’s a real product name, FYI).

Source: askmen


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