Waterloo’s hot spot for healthy, natural eating and food sensitivities


In Waterloo, sure, natural food stores exist, but enter Healthy Foods & More, and you step up to a whole new level on the city’s healthy living scene. Opened in 2009, Healthy Foods & More aspired to become a Waterloo go-to destination where food sensitivity sufferers would no longer feel like the exception, where raw, organic proponents could source quality products and local fare, and where health-conscious foodies could savour the latest innovative, fresh-made dishes and bakery treats.

Six years later, long-time friends and co-owners Michael Luckhai and Shannon Hayek have grown Healthy Foods & more to become Waterloo’s largest natural food store. It’s a mecca for organic, local groceries, health supplements and natural beauty products, and it has its own in-store gluten-free bakery and café. From dairy-free and nut-free to vegan, raw and paleo, the shop is a welcoming, accommodating environment where those who follow alternative eating lifestyles won’t feel left out, but are free to shop and explore a wide variety of products at affordable prices. Their philosophy: everyone should be able to invest in their health, naturally.

Having steadily built a solid reputation as a knowledge source on healthy living and food sensitivities, the shop has become a busy hub where customers come in to hear community talks, take healthy cooking classes, and consult with the various on-site nutritional experts.

Source: therecord


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