Watermelon is the best fruit for men’s health


When looking at all of the possible candidates to bear the title of the best fruit for men’s health, factors taken into consideration included their impact on prostate health, sexual health and overall well-being. And the winner is watermelon.
Despite the fact that watermelon is composed of 92 percent water, it manages to provide a wealth of important nutrients and health benefits for men-and all for a minimal amount of calories. What are those health benefits.
Watermelon provides more lycopene than any other fresh fruit (except for guava) or vegetable. They even have more than tomatoes do. Lycopene is a red pigment and potent antioxidant that is found not only in foods but also naturally in the body (e.g., in the prostate, blood, lungs, liver, colon and skin).

Source: personal liberty


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