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So it came as no surprise when it was reported that Venice was planning to ban wheeled cases outright from May 2015: “Vietato valigia con ruota” – luggage with wheels forbidden.

The only wheeled cases permitted would be those with pneumatic, rubber wheels, and those offending with plastic ones could be fined anything up to 500 Euro (about R6 800).

The reason was that residents were sick of the noise made by wheels in La Serenissima – one of the most silent cities on earth – and the authorities were concerned about the damage being caused to cobblestones and ancient bridges.

Equally, it came as no surprise when the city promptly denied the report: the ban would apply only to commercial trolleys, presumably those lugging all the tourist tat to selling points.

After all, any such ban would be impossible to implement because 27 million people visit Venice each year, and most are dragging wheelies.

Although the remaining residents have surely come to terms with the fact that their sinking city is a tourist’s theme park, rumbling wheels which rattle over cobbles and thump up and down steps must drive them mad.

Source: times live


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