Why Our Digestive Health is So Important


Poor digestion affect 60-70 million people daily, whether due to serious digestive disorders, stress, dietary choices, health issues, or a mixture of all of the above. Digestive issues can be hard to diagnose because many of the same symptoms occur in different gastrointestinal disorders. Some people may deal with IBS, Crohn’s, a food intolerance, hormone disruptions, chronic stress, may not get enough exercise, or may be eating an unhealthy diet. Ongoing health issues, supplements, or even prescription drugs can also cause digestive upset. It is also common for many women to experience digestive upset during their menstrual cycle when hormones fluctuate, which directly affect digestion as a result.

Though diagnosing a serious digestive disorder or dealing with the cause of minor general digestive problems can be tough, we should strive to maintain a healthy gut however possible. The digestive tract is referred to as our “second brain” due to the way approximately 70-80 percent of our nerves run through the digestive system. This is largely why stress-related issues can upset a person’s stomach, or lead to stress-related IBS. We should also consider how the good bacteria in our digestive system affects our immunity and brain health as well.

source: one green planet


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