World Contraception Day: Do you know what unprotected sex can lead to?


New Delhi: Raising awareness about unprotected sex is important in the present times. The fact that a child as young as 14 years of age, doesn’t think twice before getting physical with someone should ring enough alarm bells for people to know about the ‘three letter’ word.

More importantly, these kids don’t have much knowledge regarding contraceptives or birth control and are least concerned with the risks that come with indulging in unprotected sex.

The real problem is not the lack of knowledge about safe sex, but rather, a callous attitude towards practicing it. There is a need to create awareness about sex education in the country.

Tomorrow, September 26, is World Contraception Day. Therefore, we are listing down a few consequences that one may have to face, in case they don’t take the necessary precautionary measures. Take a look:

1. Unwanted pregnancy: Babies that you didn’t plan for, or worse, becoming parents in teenage years is not something anyone looks forward to. Especially, if you are living in a country where abortion is illegal. Even if you undergo an abortion (for an unwanted child), you’ll have to live with the social stigma that comes along with it as a package deal (read emotional trauma, as well).

2. Infections: Infections due to unprotected sex are common in both men and women making you incapable of future liaisons. Apart from giving you the tag of being ‘unhygienic’, this will further make you uncomfortable, conscious and lower your self-esteem.

3. HIV/AIDS: Yes, you can get HIV/AIDS if you don’t use contraception or get physical with someone who has it. Value your life a little more rather than skip using protection in haste. If not AIDS, there are a horde of other STDs that are also quite painful to live with.

4. Stress: You both probably had a good time, enjoyed each other’s company, but do you want to bear the stress that comes after? Pregnancy, STD’s, Periods (the will they, won’t they situation). The slightest ache or pain will get your mind whirring and many other questions will probably haunt you for days to come.

Source- Zee News


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